Project V’

Project V’ (V Dash) is a third person shooter action develop by me using Unity3D. The game focuses on melee special attack which enables player to take down an enemy with variety of attacks.



Story and Characters


Download & Webplayer

** Game Design Document is available upon request.


Game Overview

The game features two main characters, Aston and Vesper.


Aston – Run & Gun / Crowd Control Type


Vesper – Close Combat Type

Each character has unique feature and attack that let player finds which style is most suitable for their playing style.

The game features a playable level where enemy units are presented.


The city is based on buildings in San Francisco, USA.


Game demo level map.

The game has been developed for 14 month. Most of the content are created and scripted by me. I started this project in order to project my creative vision on to a game. My game system designing skills are improving along with Project V’. The playable version of the game was on display at Game Developer Conference 2014 at Academy of Art University booth and the university’s annual spring shows.