[V’] First Playerble Demo is now Available

Hello guys,
It has been a long time since I’d posted here.

My game has made it to the first playable version!
And now it has been accept by the Academy of Art Spring Show 2013!

Here is a combat gameplay footage.

I have enemy AI, a tutorial level with time attack feature.
and here is the full walkthrough viedo of the level that will be displayed at AAU Spring show.

Next, it is time for me to create the main characters for this game. I’ll spend summer doing it.


[Project V’] HUGE Update!

It’s almost a month since I updated this blog.

It’s not that I was facing any trouble during the development.
I just forgot to update the blog. lol

And here are the updates….
– Bullet Sprite. I am not satisfied with the red material I’d used before so I changed it.
– Reload. With animation and the character can reload in almost any stances.

– Dodge roll. Character can perform dodge maneuver to evade incoming attack.

– Melee Strike Attacks Update
– AOE Attack

As the name suggests, It’s an AOE Attack.
  РMid Range Attack
It’s three combo mid range attack. The picture above just shown the last attack animation.
And That’s it. The thing I’m working on is the AI.
Should not be that hard, I hope…..

[V’] MAR 11 – System Updated!

Hello guys,
….Even though no one visit this blog since I didn’t publish the URL to anyone….

But now! I have the V’ project updates to show!!

Shooting System

The bullets are spread.
Luckily, I had spent some time to have the gun to actually aim where the crosshair is. So, the bullet is pretty accurate to the aim.
Melee Strike Attack
I have dubbed the melee system in this game as Melee Strike Attack. The system will have the character to lock-on an enemy then quickly charge to where the enemy is to perfrom power full melee attack.
Normal Melee
Punch -> Shoulder Bump -> Kick.
Yup, I know… the animation is crappy.
 You can attack without lock-target. Character can perform simple 3 three combo attacks.
And that’s it. See you guys later.

[V’] Aim and lock-on system update

Hello again,

I’ve updated a couple of system to the project.

Aim (zoom) system

(There is an issue with the handIK, I will try fix it later.)

Character can aim and shoot at the crosshair position. and character’s hands will follow gun’s grips. Thanks to the Unity IK system. (Though, there is an issue with the rotation.)

Lock-on system

The lock-on cursor is scale according to the distance.
The next thing is lock-on system. It locks enemy target where the crosshair pointed to.
This system is the foundation of the next system which I am currently working on. The Melee System.

Blog opened!

Hello visitors,
I’m Pak. A game design student.

I’ve just realized that I have to write a journal that contain my thesis progress. (Luckily, I’ve started doing my thesis for only 2 weeks.)

As a game design student, my thesis is, of course, a game.
This is one man project. (Yep, I have to do everything from scripting to modelling and animating. lol)

The project name is ” V’ “(V dash). The name is still a subject to change.
It’s¬†a sci-fi¬†third person shooter game project. And It’s just start at the beginning of the month.

And here is a first screen shot.

Yep, only a character that can move and camera that can look around. lol

The character in this prototype is something I’ve create for a Group project¬†UDK(Unreal develop kit)¬†game during previous semester.

This guy looks better when rendered.
He¬†had a shield and a baton for his previous game but I remove both of them. I might put it back in my project again but for now, I’ll let him use a crappy gun that you can see in the first screen shot. lol
The project still have a long way to go.