[Project V’] GDD update in progress…

So, the game is completed. I have shown my best at GDC 2014 and I have no regret.

Project V’s Game Design Document need some overhaul so I have been spending time to improve it.
Here is a screen shot of my GDD.

I try to improve the document both content and visual wise.
It should be finished before this month ends.

[Project V’] HUGE updates! (again)

(The level is almost completed It should be release before GDC this March)

It has been a month since I update the blog. During this month I have configure, tweak and update the system. I have put the change log below.
You can test the game at : https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/126582471/VdashWebplay/Webply_Jan.html

Here is the change log.

V Dash Change log January
          Loading screen has been added in the system test level. Player need to press the Play button that will appear after the game contents has been streamed. This should prevent the game starts while player is not ready.
          Change in pause menu. Player can tweak mouse sensitivity and zoom mode on the pause screen. Player can change graphic quality and Anti-alias mode in Option menu. ** Note FXAA only supports on NVIDIA graphic cards.
          Player can press [9] or [0] to naturalize enemies.
          Death is still disabled in the test level.
          Shooting Control has been revamped.  Player now enter shooting stance once left mouse button has been clicked. Player can shoot while moving without enter zooming or gliding anymore. The melee attack button has been moved to [E] now.
          Special attack buttons have been tweaked. Player can use secondary special attack by holding the special attack buttons. ([Q] , [E] or [F]) For example, press and release [E] button will result in regular melee attack but holding [E] will initiate energy drain attack instead. Player should be able to choose variety of attack without need to use lot of buttons for each attack.
          [C]  Lock-on Button has been removed. The lock on system is now lock enemy automatically.
          [1] And [2] buttons has been added to control to change firing mode. Fire mode will be changed to Auto if current ammo in magazine is less than five.
          New attack “Homing Plasma” has been added. Player can attack multiple targets at once by holding [F] and use crosshair to lock a target. The homing projectiles will be shot when [F] has been released. Blue reticle will indicate which enemies have been locked-on. *The attack can be chained with Plasma Stake and Plasma cannon.
          Player can use Homing Plasma while in zoom or Gliding mode in the same time as shooting the rifle.
          New enemy type “Brawler” has been added. The Brawler is tougher and faster than Gunner type drone. It will follow player, use melee weapon. This should prevent player from camping. Evasive movement (Dodge roll) is helpful to evade its attacks.
          New Energy and cool down system. All weapon and some movement is now requiring sufficient EN point. Each special attack has its own cool down time.
          New GUI system. Special move indicator is now displayed and the left of the screen. The text will be lit up when player can use that attack on current target. HP, EN and Overdrive is now display with bar instead of text now. Ammo display also has fire mode indicator shown. *Note Plasma Explosion will be lit only in Overdrive mode.


          Camera will shake when attack connected.
          Player can instantly use Plasma Explosion move without using Stake first. Player can hold [Q] button while Overdrive mode is on to use the move. Plasma Explosion consumes both EN and OVD Gauge.
          Plasma Stake effect has been sized down.
          Plasma Cannon can be used on elevated enemy now.
          Energy Drain attack refill both EN and OVD gauge. Player can refill EN and OVD quickly if using it on multiple targets. To perform Energy Drain, player has to hold [E].
          Player will enter aiming stance when Left mouse button is clicked. Player can shoot while moving now. Character will quit this stance if the left mouse button has not been press for a while. Regular melee attack has been move to [E] Button.
          Player can switch fire mode between “BURST” and “AUTO” by pressing [1] or [2]. Player will penetrating beam in BURST mode. It can pierce through enemy body while consume five bullets. Player shoot regular bullet automatically in AUTO mode.
          Gliding will grant a slide effect when the movement buttons (W A S D) has been released. This should give player an impression that the character actually glide.
          Glide mode is now consuming EN. Continuously using it will cause energy insufficient and prevent player from performing special moves. Evade booster and Super Boost mode also consume EN. Gliding trades EN for maneuverability.
          Dodge roll ([Space] button) grants more invincibility time. With a decent timing, player should be able to dodge Brawler attacks.
There are tons of bug fixed. I can’t put all the bugs I have fixed on this page since they were too many.


[Project V’] Characters Update!


It has been a long time since the last update.
I have spent the past few month to create characters for this project.

Here are the characters for this game.


The main character, focuses on range attacks.


Another main character, focuses on close-ranged attacks.

[Enemy Drone]
Remote Drone that plays as enemy characters, this guys will have different colors as cannon fodder abused by the main characters.
I have (combined)created custom toon shaders for Unity3d. It use toon cel-shade ramp to define light and shade. Also, there is a rim light effect that will appear based on camera angle.
Rim Light comparison
Also, here is another comparison between the new character and the old one that I use for creating prototype.

Look a lot different 🙂

That is it for now.

I will update again when I placed all of my character into the game.


[V’] First Playerble Demo is now Available

Hello guys,
It has been a long time since I’d posted here.

My game has made it to the first playable version!
And now it has been accept by the Academy of Art Spring Show 2013!

Here is a combat gameplay footage.

I have enemy AI, a tutorial level with time attack feature.
and here is the full walkthrough viedo of the level that will be displayed at AAU Spring show.

Next, it is time for me to create the main characters for this game. I’ll spend summer doing it.


[Project V’] HUGE Update!

It’s almost a month since I updated this blog.

It’s not that I was facing any trouble during the development.
I just forgot to update the blog. lol

And here are the updates….
– Bullet Sprite. I am not satisfied with the red material I’d used before so I changed it.
– Reload. With animation and the character can reload in almost any stances.

– Dodge roll. Character can perform dodge maneuver to evade incoming attack.

– Melee Strike Attacks Update
– AOE Attack

As the name suggests, It’s an AOE Attack.
  – Mid Range Attack
It’s three combo mid range attack. The picture above just shown the last attack animation.
And That’s it. The thing I’m working on is the AI.
Should not be that hard, I hope…..