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Live2D Kantai Collection Kumano (Interactive Application for Windows/Android and WebGL) 2016

Contact me for Playable Application


Project V’ – Full Version (Third Person Shooter Action) 2014
>> Play Here <<
// >> Download Link <<


Project V’ – Prototype (Third Person Shooter Action) 2013


Over the Dam (UDK Single player map) 2012

 >> Kismet Map <<


The Crossing (UDK Multiplayer map) 2012


Penguin Stronghold (Unity RTS) 2012


Penguin Shooter (Unity Shooter) 2012


P Days (Flash game) 2011

Group Projects

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Unname Co-op Game 2014 >> Play Here <<

(Combat System designer scripterm Character controller scripter)

Elusia: Fallen Utopia (UDK Side Scroller) 2012

(Enemy characters designer/ modeler, Rigger, Animator, Props Modeler)