[Project V’] Gameplay

Vesper Gameplay Video


Project V’ is a third person shooter action. Player can easily switch between shooting enemy with gun and striking enemy with melee attacks.

Though switching between both mechanics is recommended, player can clear the mission with either mechanics alone.



The system functions like every shooter games. Player can aim, zoom and shoot a weapon carried by character. The shooting system quickly shifts to striking system once the assigned button is pressed. This allows smooth transition between “shooter” and “action”.


Striking Attacks


Melee Combat is a main feature of Project V’. The system enables player to quickly dispatch a single (or more) enemy with powerful attacks combination. A character controlled by player will quickly rush to a target and then perform a Strike Attack. The attack can be chained to another easily. This way player will have several choices on how to approach an enemy. Aston can fire plasma cannon to a group of enemy. Then, he uses his booster to close a gap between him and enemy and unleashes power full plasma stake on the enemy. Finally he can finish the enemy off with point blank homing plasma projectile or use energy drain move to gain energy from enemy.

While Vesper does not possess  a strong ranged-attack, her kicks combination can quickly dispatch any single enemy. Although, she is not good with crowd control, Vesper can use a shotgun and electric kunai to stun other enemies. She can easily kill an isolated enemy while its friends are stunned.

The game feature Overdrive mode which grants player an access to the character’s strongest attack. These overdriven-moves are capable to take on several enemies at once. However, these moves consume a lot of energy and it takes time for Overdrive mode to be fully recharged.



Project v’ features two type of enemy. The Gunner and the Brawler can be a threat when they come in numbers.



žGunner is usually weak and does little damage. However, they are a great threat when the player’s HP is low. Gunner can easily kill a low HP character. The player needs to take cover until HP is recovered.



žBrawler is a melee type enemy who pursues player though out the map once engaged. It has slow attack but has considerable damage. They are dangerous when travelled in pack.
žPlayer has to carefully attack and retreat when facing Brawler. They can easily kill surrounded player.



The game has player fight with a horde of enemies. Player has both arsenal and powerful melee attacks to use on the enemy. Player can choose to shoot enemy or use Striking Attacks. Striking Attacks are more powerful than guns but they leave player character exposed to Brawler’s melee attacks.

Player needs to be aware about the surrounding. A reckless Striking Attack can make player fall under Brawler’s melee attacks. Hit and Run tactic or using crowd control attacks are recommended when facing multiple enemy.

Once the players understand how the combat mechanics work, they can unleash barrages of Striking Attacks before perform an evasive movement. Then, they can shoot at the remaining enemy without getting any hit.


The game can be downloaded at the download page. >>Here<<