[Project V’] Story & Characters


In year 202X, human solved the energy crisis by creating a new break though cutting-edge technology called Perfect Energy Converter (PEC). The PEC can nearly capture all of heat from any object and convert it into electricity. By combine this energy converter technology with fusion reactor technology from 2000s that had overheat and meltdown problem. With both technologies in hands, human can harness massive energy. The PEC also used to help reducing global warming issue that human was facing in 2000s.

Because of PEC technology can convert all the heat into electricity, the now-rare resource such as oil are become a subject nation compete for. Even with higher price, oil still is a good choice to use for produce energy when combine with PEC. Despite for technological advanced, human conflict still persist nowadays. The technology has been developed during past several years, including war technology.

One of the most notable war technologies is called Advanced Combat Suit (or ACS armor). The ACS armor has three core technologies. The first is the combination of portable fusion reactor and PEC and made it smaller enough for one person to carry. The next is the thermal sensor and fast-processing unit that capable to percept any living organisms, especially human. The last is the Liquid Skeleton that has similar functions to hydraulic power engine but far smaller. The ACS armor wearer has significantly far combat performance when compared to conventional soldier.

Global Resource and technology competition attracted many private corporations. They are willing to enter the battlefield and take control of better resource and power.




žA Mercenary commissioned to a certain company to test their Advanced Combat Armor. His task is to look after Vesper.

Fighting Style: Run& Gun + Crowd Control


Aston is a capable shooter. His plasma energy arsenals help him keep his enemy at length. He also uses a plasma stake to fend off or kill an enemy who got too close to him. However, almost every of his actions consume reserved energy. He is not capable to continually spam all the attacks without waiting for energy to be recharged.




žAn Experimental Android created by the same company that Aston working for. She often sneaks out from facility to look around when she is bored of the Internet.

Fighting Style: Close combat

She is agile and her attacks are really strong. She can quickly disable an enemy unit with her combination kicks. However, due to the time she needs to use to gain momentum for her attacks, she is easily exposed to multiple enemies.




Unmanned Drone Soldier


A remote-controlled drone is operated by human stationed far from the battlefield. These drones are products of Aston’s employer rival. While the purpose of these drone is to reduce human casualty, there are far more casualties on the opposite side. Aston’s employer is not agreed with the ideas that turn war into a game. So, they created a division that deploys Aston and Vesper to disrupt drone experiment.